Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

A solar swimming pool cover might be considered as chiefly for keeping debris out of the water, but have you contemplated the added advantages of purchasing one? There are several more benefits of having the appropriate cover for your swimming pool.

An Extended Swimming Time

One of the primary advantages of the solar cover is it helps to keep the water warmer than if it were not blanketed at night. Heat logically escapes from water during the night, but with the extra insulation that the pool cover offers you can minimize the reduction of temperature over night. As a result you get a swimming pool that is ready to use early in the morning – a thing that might not be possible in some states due to cool overnight temperatures – and have a cozy pool the whole day.

Furthermore, a solar pool cover can also extend the duration of the swimming season, particularly in those states where the summer season is shorter, by keeping the water hotter for longer.

Safety Features

There are specific rules surrounding the construction of swimming pools that are tightly related to safety laws. If you have a pool you should understand that any built in-ground should be fenced in. Most people have above-ground swimming pools, and for these there is absolutely no such law. Because of this, a great number of above-ground swimming pools are effortlessly accessible by kids and animals, and sadly, accidental drowning can happen. Most solar pool covers will take the weight of an adult, hence the additional safety features of covering a pool when not in use are clear.

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Financial Savings

If you are worried at the cost of a solar pool cover you should look at the cost savings they give. Keeping the water warmer through the night you are decreasing expensive heating costs. Additionally, solar pool covers minimize evaporation by a substantial level, and consequently lessen the amount of fresh water required to fill the swimming pool frequently.

Cleaning the swimming pool is a big cost, but with a well-fitted cover you are always keeping debris out of your pool and also reducing the growth of algae. This means less money spent on cleaning chemicals and upkeep, another specific advantage that is worth considering.

The advantages of a solar pool cover are extensive, and at Supreme Heating we can provide you all the guidance you require in choosing the proper cover for your pool, as well as offering a selection of accessories for your house pool.