Learn What Concrete Scanning Is

When it comes to working with concrete, it is not something that is easy. It can be time-consuming job to deal with concrete. In the absence of a detailed plan of the structure, it can be difficult to know if there is a rebar or not. Thus, you would not know if it is safe to cut through the concrete. Even if you have such plans, it is always better to confirm the layout. You need to know whether the layout is just like the plans or not.

Scan Concrete for Rebar and Other Metals

If you do not know what is rebar. It is a term that is used for describing steel bars or mesh. It is used for rebar scanning. The rebar helps keep the concrete strong and holds tension. Larger pieces of concrete require rebar as they would be weak without it. Before you decide to tear up a piece of concrete, it is vital to determine where the rebar is. Otherwise, the equipment used would break down and the concrete would get damaged. By scanning the concrete, it becomes easy to work with the rebar.

Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete

To find metal objects in concrete, there are many different options available. However, Concrete slab scanning melbourne is the most commonly used method. The main reason why it is used is because it is non-destructive and extremely safe. The ground penetrating radar melbourne sends signals into the concrete and processes them using computer software to determine the objects hidden underneath the concrete. It is effective when it comes to detecting post tension cables, tubing, voids, mesh, and rebar. The method plots 2D or 3D maps which reveal what is underneath. Even if you are working with thick concrete, it is still a safe option.

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Finding Voids and Cavities

Electromagnetic radiation powers GPR. It is not the same as x-ray radiation. GPR is used for recording reflected signals and highlighting objects or a lack of objects. It is the perfect option for quality control and maintaining safety. The radar does an incredible job in detecting cracks that could be a threat to the stability of the building.

Interpreting the Results

To interpret the GPR results takes great skill. It would prove difficult for someone inexperienced. However, by receiving proper training, the accuracy of the results in detecting even the smallest of things like cables is very high. You can expect a detection rate of up to 99.2 percent for most small objects if the most advanced hyperbola fitting techniques are employed. To get the best results when using concrete scanning equipment, it is advised to hire experts. Besides, the scan is only useful if you can gain knowledge from it. Otherwise, it is just an image. To gather results, you need to hire experts who will help you with all of the work.


Concrete scanning is extremely useful. If you are considering using it, it is about time that you did. Make sure to work with experts to gain valuable insights.